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Took 2 days for my message to post!?!

Is the list running slow because of the MS Virus?

My message: "Subject: route entries will not stick" was sent on Wed
9/24/2003 @ 12:52pm CST  it posted to the list on Friday 9/26/2003 @ ~11:00
CST.  Then my reply, "Subject: RE: route entries will not stick" which I
sent on Friday 9/24/2003 @ 5:12pm CST did not post to the list until Friday
9/26/2003 @ 11:57am CST.

So what is the deal?  It normally takes about a half hour for me to see a
message that I posted on the list.  What can be done about this, if

Just to be clear, I am not outraged at this or anything.  I very much
appreciate the resource as well as the members who contribute.  My thanks
will never be enough to compensate everyone for their hard work.  Just
curious as to what I should expect.



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