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Re: burning a CD

On Thursday 25 September 2003 11:59 am, Curtis Vaughan wrote:
> I have put a CD with MS Office in one Linux Box.  I need to copy its
> contents for burning on a separate Linux box. What is the best way to
> do this?
> I supposed I could just copy the entire contents to a directory on the
> second box. Or I could tar the contents to the Linux box, couldn't I,
> and then somehow tell xcdroast to burn from a tar image?
> Or, I supposed I could somehow mount the CDRom of the first box on the
> second box and then just do a CD copy?
> I don't really know, I've never done this before.
> Curtis

If it's Office 2000 or older, a simple disk copy will work. If it's XP, I 
don't know. If an ordinary disk copy does not work,  try the dd command, as 
it does a literal byte-by-byte copy. This should take care of any 
odd/hidden/sekkrit bits.

Carla Schroder
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