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Re: ls: filename: Input/output error

Simon Tneoh Chee-Boon, Wed, Sep 24, 2003 at 06:41:11PM +0800: 
> Hello all,
>    Thanks in advance for any helps.
>    When I list the content of a directory, I can't see the file.
>    But when I execute "ls -al filename", I got "Input/output error".
>    I just wonder, can I remove this file by using commands like
> "debugfs"?
>    If yes, can I do it without shutting down my server, because it's a
> live environment?
>    If no, what is the right way to remove this file? Or maybe fix it?
>    Thanks.

The Input/output error may mean that your drive is failing.  Check your
syslog for more detailed messages.


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