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Re: realteck RTL 8193c module problem

ingirafn@this.is wrote:

What is the output of "lsmod"?

Did you "insmod" or added module name to /etc/modules ?

Hi, the output of lsmod is no 8139too. the /etc/modules has 8139too in it

the insmod said /lib/modules/2.4.20/kernel/drivers/net/8139too.o:unresolved symbol mii_link_ok_Rsmp_4ad815a3 and lot of other messages. If I remember right it is possible i put the 8139too.o in to the folder by cp from the 2.4.18 driver folder. When I then take the 8139too.o out of the folder and try to do insmod nothig happens, the computure says it is not there.
Put the module back / leave it where it was put by the module's install make target or however you got it.

Instead of using insmod, use modprobe on the 8139too it will pull in the mii module as well (if it's available). You could insmod mii and then insmod 8139too, but in general it's better to use modprobe.

Even better (IMO) is to use modconf. It will let you choose from the available modules, load the module, and update your config files to load it automatically when you boot up.


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