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DHCP - dhclient not working


I use debian with 2.4.22 kernel and i want it to work with my cable modem
and dhcp also.
So, first i had problems in my daemon log that my kernel was not configured
well (i needed to install packet_socket and socket_filtering in the kernel
so i did).
The kernel problem is solved, but when i run dhclient on eth0 or just
dhclient, whatever, i get the error that it can't get a lease.
and why not?  windoze boxes work with the same cable modem without a problem
so there is no problem with the modem or the ISP.
what do i do wrong and how can i solve it!

this is info from my daemon.log:
dhcpdiscover on eth0 to port 67 interval 8
no working leases in persistent database
dhclient-2.2.x sleeping

help plz!

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