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On Thu, 2003-09-18 at 18:00, Adrian Berardi wrote:
> Hi, i'm a new debian user, and without too much experience in linux.
> I'm trying to install a Debian here at home to use it as internet
> access for a couple windows PCs.
> Someone told me that i had to install first the two eth, then
> configure the networkcards, then install dhcp3 (for the PCs to get a
> dinamic ip), and then do NAT (iptables)
> Everything worked OK, but it is not the case of the NAT: i can access
> internet from de debian, but i dont know how to configure or what to
> install for access internet from the windows PCs through the Debian.
> Any comment will be kindly accepted.!
> Best regards, Adrian
> Adrian

Is NAT necessary ? How about using Squid ? (Does it do NAT internally ?)
(Sorry, if this sounds stupid, but I'd really like to know.)

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