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Re: OT: BT Broadband - which ADSL modem?

On Thu, Sep 18, 2003 at 05:21:51PM +0000, Jonathan Matthews wrote:

> After a couple of years of um-ing and ah-ing, my dad's finally got round 
> to installing broadband.  Specifically, BT broadband (here in the uk).
> He's asked me to slip in a 486 class router/firewall inbetween his 
> Windows machines and the ADSL modem, so I'd much rather go with a modem 
> that has RJ45 (ethernet) connections over any USB-type port.

I have my doubts whether you'll find anything other than USB or PCI
modems.  There is also the question of drivers for Linux; apparently
they exist for the Alcatel Speedtouch USB but PCI cards do not seem to
be particularily Linux friendly.

> I'm sure there are some debian users out there who can help me make this 
> choice -

An ADSL router with a builtin hub is, in my opinion, a better choice of
equipment as it can be used with any OS, is easy to set up with Linux,
works with any ISP and there is often some degree of firewalling in the

> Which ADSL modem
> o has an ethernet port
> o works with BT broadband
> o offers most bang per buck
> where bang/buck is measured ... however you want.
> The baseline is "get connected", but I'd be interested to hear any other 
> pluses that different models provide.
> So - any thoughts?

Google will give you much on the topic of routers and modems.  Try
searching with the terms "uk.comp.os.linux" and "adsl modem" for some
good discussions on ADSL in the UK.

A decent source for modems/routers can be found at



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