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RE: Insert module at startup

So when i add a line to /etc/modules, what do i have to add there ? And
where do i have to describe the path ?
The drivers name is something like bcm5700.o
But how knows the /etc/modules where that file is ?

(sorry, have no experience with modules).

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> But how can i add the module so that it starts when the system boots, 
> i find information about modutils, modules.conf, ... But all this is not
so clear!
> Could someone *plz* explain me clairly how i have to do it ? Or a link 
> or whatever ?

Just add a line to /etc/modules.

> And what dhcp client do i have to use ? Dhcpd ? Pump ? Dhclient ?

dhcp-client seems to work fine here (configured on initial installation of
Debian 3.0). You need CONFIG_PACKET and CONFIG_FILTER in your kernel for it
to work.


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