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get a error dealing with (application/x-java-vm) that can only be viewed with the appropriate plugin..?? i have the java 1.4.2 run time installed abd i am running Sid
i get a error in apt-get upgrade saying (1 not fully installed it is)
this is what i get but the site is bad and i caint locate the file anywhere , could some one point me in a good direction to find the file or where i can find info to fix my problem

Setting up ibm-jdk1.1-installer (1.1.8-5) ...
This package is an installer package, it does not actually
contain the IBM JDK. You will need to go download the IBM
JDK by hand. Please visit


now and download. The file should be owned by root,
be named ibm-jdk-l118-linux-x86.tgz and be copied to /tmp.
thank  you


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