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Re: Kernel with initrd, remove unused modules

On Mon, 15 Sep 2003 20:45:48 +0200
Ismael Valladolid Torres <ismael@sambara.org> wrote:

> I just installed kernel-image-2.4.22-1-686 (I am running sid), which
> boots using initrd. Thus, after booting, lsmod shows a lot of unused
> modules. I'd like to know which is the clean way (even the
> Debian-specific one, if it exists) on configuring the booting
> procedure so it loads only the modules needed by my system.

The Debian Way to remove unused modules is to run modconf, then

To keep the modules from loading automatically at boot, edit /etc/modules.
Either remove or comment out the names of the modules you don't need.


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