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Re: Sudden increase in size of Debian (Mirror)?

On Mon, 15 Sep 2003 21:51:35 -0600
Jacob Anawalt <jacob@cachevalley.com> wrote:

> du -hs debian
> 15G     debian
> One of us does unless another 6.5 GB has been added in the last two 
> days. I use to be closer to 10GB, and as of last Saturday morning I am 
> up to 15GB. (I mirror once a week) I tried the example config in 
> anonftpsync (-> rsync ) and it got all kinds of archs and stuff I didn't 
> want because there were ones not listed in the example.

I started with the script on the Debian web site, and modified the excludes
until I thought I had only what I wanted:

 --exclude /UploadQueue/
 --exclude binary-alpha/ --exclude binary-arm/ --exclude binary-hppa/ \
 --exclude binary-hurd-i386/ --exclude binary-ia64/ --exclude binary-m68k/ \
 --exclude binary-mips/  --exclude binary-mipsel/ \
 --exclude binary-powerpc/ --exclude binary-s390/ --exclude binary-sh/ \
 --exclude binary-sparc/ \
 --exclude *_alpha.deb --exclude *_arm.deb --exclude *_hppa.deb \
 --exclude *_hurd-i386.deb --exclude *_ia64.deb --exclude *_m68k.deb \
 --exclude *_mips.deb --exclude *_mipsel.deb \
 --exclude *_powerpc.deb --exclude *_s390.deb --exclude *_sh.deb \
 --exclude *_sparc.deb \
 --exclude *_alpha.udeb --exclude *_arm.udeb --exclude *_hppa.udeb \
 --exclude *_hurd-i386.udeb --exclude *_ia64.udeb --exclude *_m68k.udeb \
 --exclude *_mips.udeb --exclude *_mipsel.udeb \
 --exclude *_powerpc.udeb --exclude *_s390.udeb --exclude *_sh.udeb \
 --exclude *_sparc.udeb \
 --exclude disks-alpha/ --exclude disks-arm/ --exclude disks-hppa/ \
 --exclude /dists/*/Contents-alpha.gz --exclude /dists/*/Contents-arm.gz \
 --exclude /dists/*/Contents-hppa.gz --exclude
/dists/*/Contents-hurd-i386.gz \
 --exclude /dists/*/Contents-ia64.gz --exclude /dists/*/Contents-m68k.gz \
 --exclude /dists/*/Contents-mips.gz --exclude /dists/*/Contents-mipsel.gz \
 --exclude /dists/*/Contents-powerpc.gz --exclude /dists/*/Contents-s390.gz
 --exclude /dists/*/Contents-sh.gz --exclude /dists/*.Contents-sparc.gz \
 --exclude disks-ia64/ --exclude disks-m68k/ --exclude disks-mips*/  \
 --exclude disks-powerpc/  --exclude disks-s390/  --exclude disks-sparc/ \
 --exclude source/ \
 --exclude *.orig.tar.gz --exclude *.diff.gz --exclude *.dsc \
 --exclude dists/Debian2.2r7 --exclude dists/old-proposed-updates \
 --exclude dists/oldstable --exclude dists/potato-proposed-updates/  \
 --exclude dists/potato/ \

That list resulted in a mirror of ~15 Gb until a few weeks ago, when the
size started climbing sharply towards 20 Gb. It actually exceeded 20 Gb last
week and I couldn't complete the sync.

Your list has the virtue of being much simpler; I wonder what 5 Gb I have
that you don't?


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