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Re: Sudden increase in size of Debian (Mirror)?

Kevin McKinley wrote:
 --exclude dists/Debian2.2r7 --exclude dists/old-proposed-updates \
 --exclude dists/oldstable --exclude dists/potato-proposed-updates/  \
 --exclude dists/potato/ \

That list resulted in a mirror of ~15 Gb until a few weeks ago, when the
size started climbing sharply towards 20 Gb. It actually exceeded 20 Gb last
week and I couldn't complete the sync.

Your list has the virtue of being much simpler; I wonder what 5 Gb I have
that you don't?


I doubt it was 6GB worth, but there used to be packages in woody/testing/unstable that were stored in dists/potato which you wouldn't be mirroring with these excludes. They were recently moved to pool so that you would now start mirroring them.

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