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Mozilla fonts

The newer mozillas, e.g. Sid's mozilla-snapshot, have 'default'
fonts which I rather like (of course, 'there is no accounting for
tastes'). In the Preferences menu, the serif font is just called
'serif', the monospace font is called 'monospace'.

I found that (at least on my system) these are in reality all
Bitstream Vera fonts. My first question is: is this something
determined by Mozilla, or is it specific to my system because I
somehow (unwittingly) set it up this way? Anyway, I rather like
these fonts and would like to use them also for printing.

However, printed pages use more 'conventional' fonts (looking like
Times New Roman and Helvetica).

Mozilla can print 'to a file' producing a file called mozilla.ps;
this file can be edited, changing lines like

    /Times-Roman findfont


    /Bitstream-Vera-Serif findfont

The same can be done to the Helvetica findfont operation, changing
it to /Bitstream-Vera-Sans-Mono findfont.

Because Debian's ghostscript understands .ttf fonts, this works,
and the command "lpr mozilla.ps" produces pages like I want to see.

I'd like to make this the default behaviour, so I wonder where, in
mozilla's config files, one can set

-- the default fonts (i.e. where does it say that 'serif' means
-- the default print fonts.

So far, I 'grep'-d around in vain...

Regards, Jan

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