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Re: Setting system clock to UTC -- how?

on Mon, Sep 08, 2003 at 01:03:40AM -0700, Mark Kaufer (mark.kaufer@bloodyhell.us) wrote:
> I was reading up on how to make my system clock set to UTC (primarily
> http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/system-administrator/ch-sysadmin-time.html
> ) and was a bit confused by this paragraph in section 16.1:
> "To change the computer to use UTC after installation, edit the file
> /etc/default/rcS, change the variable UTC to no. If you happened to
> install your system to use local time, just change the variable to yes to
> start using UTC. It is best to reboot after editing /etc/default/rcS to
> get the changes effective."
> To me, that says if you want to use UTC, change "UTC" in your rcS file to
> "no".  But change it to "yes" to start using UTC.  I know it's late, but
> am I really that tired? ;-)
> So my question is how do you go about setting your hardware clock to UTC? 
> >From what I understand, you should change UTC="yes" in rcS, restart,
> probably run ntpdate, and then run "hwclock --hwtosys --utc".  Does that
> sound right?
> Although I've done all of that, I still am seeing the following output:
> # hwclock --show ; date
> Mon Sep  8 00:56:48 2003  -0.896805 seconds
> Mon Sep  8 00:56:50 PDT 2003
> I was expecting to have the --show tell me that it was "Mon Sep  8
> 07:56:48 2003" rather than what the localtime is (-0700).  What step(s) am
> I missing?

    hwclock -u


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