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Re: Nagios on Debian

On Thu, Sep 04, 2003 at 02:34:42PM +0100, Gerhard Venter wrote:
> Hi Jeremy
> Thanks for the reply - It is nice to hear from an actual developer, and 
> we will wait for  the plugins to appear.
> But I think there is an additional issue.  Our setup is with Apache2.  
> The binary characters appearing in the right-hand frame of the Nagios 
> web interface must be un-interpreted CGI.  This seems to be Apache2 
> related, or can it be explained by the fact that no plugins are installed?
> Gerhard

	You're welcome, I'm still working to fix some install issues
that have been found with the packages I currently have so I hope to
have them resolved shortly and be available... 

	As for the issue with Apache2 I haven't actually tried setting
up on Apache2 at this time; however I would hazzard a guess that Nagios
web interface should operate whether you had plugins or not... Nagios
merely operates as the framework controlling the execution of plugins
and displaying the results... As such it should operate fine prior to
the plugins being installed just not really able to check anything...
Currently both of my production Nagios machines are runnin Apache 1.x
and Nagios 1.1 rebuilt for woody/stable... I'll see about installing
Apache2 on my workstation runnin unstable and try to work on the issues
regarding the Apache2 setup... 


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