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Re: Nagios on Debian

	Nagios plugins have been held up with issues in the Nagios
package itself... Hopefully these will be fixed shortly (I have a
possible NMU at this time being tested) and the plugins can be uploaded
and get into the archive mirrors later this week or by next week at the
latest... The problem is the plugins package will not install properly
with the current Nagios packages so the update to Nagios itself is
necessary... Also I've worked out the dependencies so that Nagios can be
setup in a distributed fashion as documented in the Nagios docs where
you only need the central server to have a web server installed... It
didn't make sense to have it "recommend" the plugins but "depend" on the
web server which meant you couldn't install nagios as a probe-only
server with no web interface and installing Nagios without the plugins
doesn't make much sense at all...

	nagios-plugins maintainer
	Nagios Plugin Development Team member (http://nagiosplug.sf.net)

On Tue, Sep 02, 2003 at 04:26:18PM +0100, Gerhard Venter wrote:
> Hi
> I have installed Nagios using apt, and restarted Apache2. I can access 
> http://myserver/nagios, and get the left side frame
> However, if I click on anything other than Documentation (eg Tactical 
> Overview <>), I get ELF.. 
> (lots of binary)
> I have also downloaded and installed the plugins from Sourceforge, which 
> did not change a thing (but this is source, not a Debian package- 
> because there are no Debian Nagios plugins that I can find)
> Perhaps someone could let me know where the plugins are supposed to go, 
> or what else I might have missed
> Gerhard
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