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Re: list mail filters: was Re: Wicked screensaver

On Tue, Sep 02, 2003 at 07:59:40PM -0600, Jacob Anawalt wrote:
> I'm impressed that we didn't see more of a showing of Sobig.F on the 
> list. What mail rules are inplace other than Spamassasin, or is that 
> doing it all?

We've added a number of filters after watching what's gotten through.
Currently, we have:

pasc@murphy:/var/list/.etc$ wc -l rc.local.s10 rc.spam rc.virus
     59 rc.local.s10
    533 rc.spam
    126 rc.virus
    718 total

Once comments and whitespace are removed, we've still got over 400 lines
worth of checks.


Pascal Hakim                                                     0411-283-060
                            "Do not bend."

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