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Re: Best approach for SAMBA server with ACLs?

Mark Roach wrote:
more information about the current state of development?


... gives many results concerning ACLs, ext3 and such, but I wasn´t successful in finding what I was looking for. It´s a difficult topic to da a search on ...

I have been using ext3 + acls with good results on a samba server that
serves profiles and home dirs for ~300 users for the past 8-9 months.

sounds good :)

How does SAMBA interact with ACLs?

There is no short/simple answer. Samba can use ACL's, for info on
exactly how to do so, first understand acls. Next understand winbind (if
you are on an NT domain). That should do it. The samba documentation is
pretty good.

THX, I´ll check it out. Currently, we´re using a rather old Novell Netware server which runs Netware 3.2, and some Linux servers and an NT server are set up besides. The NT server and on of the Linux servers operates as PDC, but most clients are still W95; some are NT, some W2k, a few W98.

Running those different types of servers creates unneccessary problems, and the plan is to migrate the Novell and NT servers to a new Linux server.




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