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Best approach for SAMBA server with ACLs?


I´m trying to figure out what the best approach may be to set up a SAMBA server with Woody that provides ACLs so that access rights could be specified in detail.

In an announcement of the 2.6.x kernels, I´ve read that these kernels will come readily with ACL support for ext3fs. Does anyone know where I can find more information about the current state of development? There seem to be patches for the 2.4.21 kernel available, but I´m not sure if using them would be a good idea on the long run. Different implementations may have been developed ...

XFS already has ACL support built in, and in some 2.4.x kernels (2.4.18?), XFS came in the standard kernel. But it was removed from later kernels for unknown reasons, and I´d prefer using ext3 rather than XFS because ext3 is easier in handling, thus it´s less prone to errors and loss of data. (Once I tried XFS and destroyed some data on XFS partitions, probably by specifying incorrect parameters when remounting those partitions ...)

Maybe reiserfs can provide ACLs, but I don´t like it (just ideosyncracy).

How does SAMBA interact with ACLs?

Is there some documentation about this topic? It would be nice if someone could point me to the right direction ... Hm, I´m seeking for the easiest and most reliable way on this, as (creating unneccessary chances of) loosing data is not exactly an option :)


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