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Re: remove Debian

Yu Sun wrote:
Hi, everyone,

Maybe this question is easy. However I cannot find answers from

I have installed Debain with Windows 98 on my notebook. Now I want to
remove Debian, make this notebook dedicated to Windows. How should I
do it?



1. make a Windows "rescue" disk that can boot and has the M$ "fdisk" program on it.

2. boot to a M$DOS prompt using the rescue disk and run the command "fdisk /mbr". This will remove any LILO stuff from the master boot record and restore Windows as the default boot OS.

3. You can then remove ALL traces of Debian / Linux by just removing their partitions with almost any disk partitioning software. I like Partition Magic for things like this..., but you should be able to use the M$ fdisk too.

There are probably several other methods... the above is mine.

-Don Spoon-

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