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Re: remove Debian


Yu Sun (<yusun9_99@yahoo.com>) wrote:

> Maybe this question is easy. However I cannot find answers from
> manuals.
> I have installed Debain with Windows 98 on my notebook. Now I want to
> remove Debian, make this notebook dedicated to Windows. How should I
> do it?

You have to do several things:

Decide what you want to do with your partitions. You can remove them
using fdisk or cfdisk in Linux. Maybe you want to start cfdisk from the
installation CD if you have one. Start the installation, go to the
partitioning part and reboot after you saved your settings. 

Or maybe you can use fdisk in Windows 98. You probably want to use the
existing space to create one or several new partitions that you can use
with Windows.

If you use a bootloader that came with Linux (like lilo or grub) you can
remove it. Load Windows 98, open a dos box and execute "fdisk /mbr".

bets regards
        Andreas Janssen

Andreas Janssen
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