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Re: font fix found, but how to make it stick?

I think I have a related problem.

Invoking acroread on my (woody) laptop, I get an error message
"Warning: charset of fontList (ISO10646-1) does not match locale (ISO8859-1)."
Acroread displays little dotted boxes instead of characters in
its menu bar.
But if I use ssh -X to log into the laptop from my (woody) desktop,
the laptop is able to correctly run acroread on the desktop's display.

Interestingly, /etc/locale.gen on the desktop (acroread OK) is empty
except for comments.  /etc/locale.gen on the laptop (acroread broken)
contains two lines:
en_US ISO-8859-1
en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8

So it appears "locales" is not compatible with acroread for
some reason.  Can I safely remove and purge "locales"?
Will it make any difference?
Is "fontList" documented somewhere?

Google shows 
same question, went unanswered.

I went "upstream" and got 
and it's got the same problem.



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