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bf24 and usb problems

Hello all,

Let me start off by apologizing for using outlook express, I can't seem to
get Debian up and running, so I'm forced to use my sister's XP box.

That being said, I am currently having a problem getting the installation to
work properly. Once the hard-drives and some other stuff gets recognized, it
discovers the USB ports, and then does nothing else except discover the USB
ports over and over again.

It's gets errors, lots of errors (can't catch any numbers, or anything to
search up though), and keeps on renaming devices up to about 150, and then
starts all over again.

I only have one device, and it's a mouse.

This is an entirely new problem to me, as I have installed bf24 on this
machine, with the same exact setup before (both hardware, and software)
without a hitch.

This all happenned after I tried to install win2k on the same box, I gave up
half-way through, after destroying my debian system, and reverted to a new
installation (stupid me).

Anything would be appreciated, a man page to check, a term to search for,
anything. So far google hasn't released any answers, and I don't even know
where to begin with man pages, google was even tough to figure out.

I have already reformated all my disks, releasing WIN from the drives so I'm
assuming it can't be a conflict.

Any suggestions?

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