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Re: Fdisk cannot detect my harddisk


mei charles azhahan (<mei_nkl@rediffmail.com>) wrote:

>        I use 20 GB seagate harddisk.
>        Before installing the windows'98 , I enter into BIOS setup
> and gave "YES" for Boot sector virus enabled.When I install the OS
> , it says "Boot sector virus Found, do you overwrite ? , I
> answered "Yes" for this. After then the computer hanged .

First, this is a mailing list for users of Debian GNU/Linux. You want to
install MS Windows, so if you have problems, you should contact
Microsoft support or look for some MS mailing list or newsgroup.

The Boot sector protection BIOS option disallows write access to your
hard disk's boot sector to prevent viruses from installing themselves
into it. If you want to change the bootsector (for installing a
bootloader or maybe for creating partitions or changing existing ones),
you have to disable that option.

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

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