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Fdisk cannot detect my harddisk

Sir ,
      I use 20 GB seagate harddisk.

Before installing the windows'98 , I enter into BIOS setup and gave "YES" for Boot sector virus enabled.When I install the OS , it says "Boot sector virus Found, do you overwrite ? , I answered "Yes" for this. After then the computer hanged .

      When I use Fdisk , It says there is no Fixed Disk.

      But when I setup the Windows XP by using another disk [one is
primary master & other is primary slave ] , XP detect the disk and
show the harddisk size.but it cannot setup on that disk.

Try switching the off the Bios boot sector virus check. Generally these bios virus checks cause more problems than they allegedly solve. If they see something they dont understand, they tend to call it a virus (and they usually dont understand very much!!!).

If you still have no success, try using your Debian CD as a rescue disk, or grab Knoppix (http://www.knoppix.net/ )if things have gone seriously wrong with your hard drive, you still may be able to rescue your data.


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