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Re: [OT] Why does X need so much CPU power?

On Tuesday 02 September 2003 20:17, benfoley wrote:

> as desktops, kde and gnome are complete hogs, both of which seem
> obsessively determined to win a race that no-one beyond their developers
> needs to give a rat's ass about. xfce is good. icewm is even less of a
> resource drain, and fluxbox is also excellent, but pwm is really the
> leanest window manager ever. personally, i'm hooked on kmail, which
> involves a whole lot more of kde than i'd rather have to use, but with pwm
> on a p2/166 laptop with 64megs of ram, it all works out just fine.
> ben

Yep, I like kmail (and kppp), I always found it a bit off-putting that I had 
to download a huge chunk of KDE in order to get it.   i.e. why isn't it 
packaged separately?

Doesn't matter so much if I'm installing off CD, but when I was running KDE1 
and Kmail1 (?) hit the 'billennium bug', I didn't _really_ want to upgrade my 
entire desktop (or distro) just for a mailer.    So I tried Sylpheed for a 
while (not my style, though) until I eventually upgraded anyway.   


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