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Re: [OT] Why does X need so much CPU power?

On Mon, 01 Sep 2003, Michael Heironimus wrote:
> X usually doesn't need much CPU power, as long as you have a reasonably
> well-supported video card. Your problem is that you're running GNOME and
> KDE, which are huge, bloated, and slow (and I'm being kind in saying
> that). They have been for a long time, since before their first 1.0
> releases, and new versions seem to have been bloating even faster than
> new releases of Windows have been.

I'm probably repeating yet-another-X-fallacy (such as the infamous 
`X is slow because it uses client/server architecture):

Under the pre-2.6 vanilla Linux kernels, multitasking was orientated
more towards servers - perhaps one process would be a little slow, but 
things would keep chugging along.

With the low latency patches to 2.4 and the new code in 2.6, desktop 
machines are supposed to be more responsive, making X seem quicker.

Again, please take the above with a grain of salt - I've heard it
repeated several times, but I have never seen benchmarks to prove that 
latency is an issue.

~ Jesse Meyer

[ Happily using fluxbox and liking X windows - working fine for me with 
1 server and client programs on 2 machines. ]

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