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gnus & nnslashdot


        When I first started using gnus a few years ago I managed to
        get slashdot messages into gnus, but for me at that time it
        was all a bit much to try and control, so I commented out the
        slashdot specific lines in .gnus.

        After seeing a post elsewhere about Slashdot, I thought I
        would give it another go so I reactivated the lines. I can
        read the group headings, but when I try to retrieve the
        messages I am told that I need newer version of nnslashdot.

        I thought that it was a component of emacs so I am a bit
        surprised. I am using stable only so the question is, is the
        "stable" version of Emacs too old or is there a fix for this?

        I really would like to read these,anyone help me out here?.

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  Keith O'Connell.                   -o)
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