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Re: gnus & nnslashdot

Keith O'Connell <kroc@blueyonder.co.uk> writes:

>         I thought that it was a component of emacs so I am a bit
>         surprised. I am using stable only so the question is, is the
>         "stable" version of Emacs too old or is there a fix for this?

nnslashdot works by interpreting Slashdot's HTML, which changes on a
frequent basis.  Generally, to keep nnslashdot working, you need to
track CVS versions of Gnus, because even Gnus releases (much more
frequent than Emacs releases) are too slow to keep up.

I don't know if you can drop a current nnslashdot into an old Gnus,
but you could upgrade to the current released Gnus, which was
released not too long ago, and may still work.

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