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possible gdm bug

I'm writing the mailing list because I'm having a gdm problem that I
can't figure out and I think it might be some sort of bug.

I've got two machines with basically the same hardware configuration
(i386 nvidia graphics cards). On one, the gdm works just find right off
of install... On the second, it starts, gives some strange colors at the
top of the screen then hangs at the screen where X is up but there's
nothing else (you know, the gray screen with the big X in the middle)...
Then when I give it any mouse input (IE, move the mouse), it kinda
crashes by giving me a text dialog saying that there's already an X
server running on display0 and asking if it should start one on

Of course there's an X server running on display0, it just started it
then failed to start the greeter... I've done re-installs and
re-configurations and everything I know how to do and I just can't
figure it out.

In addition, I got on a debian help channel this afternoon and somebody
in there was having *exactly* the same problem... everybody tried to
help but neither of us managed to figure it out.

So, should I submit a bug report or does some kind soul know the answer?

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