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Duplicating installs across the network

The migration of my lab is nearly complete.  The two servers are happily
running Woody and so far I have one workstation running Sid, and I even managed
to get VMWare installed and running properly on it.  The last I need to do is
get printing back up.  Once that is done I will be ready to install Sid to the
other nine workstations.

I know that there are a whole host of tools out there that for
but I have no experience with any of them.  Can anyone out there provide some
pointers and insight?  What do you all use?  Does it work well?  I really hope
that there is an easy way to this, as I do not want to have to reinstall 9
mahines from scratch.

The machines are homogeneous, with the following hardware:

AMD Athlon 1800 XP+
GigaByte motherboard with Via Apollo KT266 chipset
Onboard realtek ethernet
40 GB Western Digital HDD
nVidia Riva TNT2 32 MB video card (I have one with a GeForce, but that should
only be a minor tweak)


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