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Re: Unfortunate Dummy.

Am Mon, 2003-09-01 um 20.25 schrieb Carlos Sousa:
> On 02 Sep 2003 01:43:25 +0800 David Palmer wrote:
> > The swap file is absolutely necessary.
> > This is the space on the disc where operating transactions take place.
> > Without a swap file, you don't have a system.
> Bollocks.
> Last I looked, swap space (file or partition) is a way to extend virtual
> memory by grabbing some disk space for the effect, and is thus completely
> optional. Your system may handle heavier applications simultaneously if
> you give it some swap space, but as long as you have a decent amount of
> RAM the system will run perfectly without it.
> Actually, if a system *needs* swap space to work correctly, you're
> probably due for a RAM upgrade.

Yeah right, you tell that my 1GB RAM P4 box. It's actually running out
of memory every now and then. Oh well i guess gzipping a 1,2GB mail
archive (daily backup) takes its toll hehe.

Moral of the story: Even with lots of RAM, swap is always nice to have.

Matthias Hentges 
Cologne / Germany

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