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Re: Problem with KDE 3 upgrade

William Bradley wrote:
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Hi Andreas,

Tried you suggestion above and another couple of hours downloading went on. So obviously some bits were missing.

When I boot to KDE now, KDE 3.1 loads and the standard icons come up on the screen but there is no panel at the bottom. When I right click the mouse I can make some changes but I can't find a way to get to the KDE control panel.



I had the same "problem" when I upgraded from KDE 2.2 to 3.1.X. The solution I found was to move the old ~/.kde directory out of the way and let KDE re-build it the next time I logged in. You could just delete the .kde directory, but that would remove any "history" you might want to save. I had to do this in all the "user" directories on my system, including the "root" directory.

There may be a cleaner way, but I couldn't find it...

-Don Spoon-

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