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Re: Installing Debian on IBM Thinkpad X24

Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:

So I got myself one of these nifty things.  It's really nice but it won't
be perfect until I can get Debian on it.  The problem is doesn't have a
floppy or cd drive.  I did notice it can boot from the network.  Would it
be possible to do some kind of TFTP type deal?  It's running Win2k now

(I know I could just get a PCMCIA cd-drive but where's the fun in that?)

I have a Thinkpad X22 running Debian unstable. I used a adapter to connect the laptop HD to a standard PC and do the install via the CD-ROM. These adapters are available at Comp USA or via mail order. You could also buy or borrow a USB Flash Key thingie, and copy the Debian boot floppies to it. Hit F12 to boot from removeable devices and continue the install that way, or borrow a USB cd-rom ow writer and boot from that with a Debina CD.

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