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Re: VIA CPU's - cooling with ICE - shuttle

hi ya jacob

On Sat, 30 Aug 2003, Jacob Anawalt wrote:

> Just an aside. I realize the VIA chip's virtue is in it's power 
> consumption thus low heat but if you're into the high-heat chips for 
> some fpu intensive work like the 1.2Ghz listed above, have you seen 
> Shuttle's I.C.E. (heatpipe) cooling?
> http://us.shuttle.com/specs_access.asp?pro_id=269
> I have a Shuttle XPC with an Athlon 1800+. It is is cooled by their 
> heatpipe system. A big block sits ontop of the CPU with some metal tubes 
> going up to a mini-radiator assembly with a variable speed fan.

we have 13 shuttle's w/ P4-2.8 ... and those puppies are super hot
	- the case itself is hot too where the exhaust is supposedly
	comeing out

leave the cover off the shuttle and the cpu exhaust and case is nice cool
	-- ie ... air can circulate  around the cpu and exhaust fans

the radiator is a poorly designed cooling system 
and due to size, there is no way to add additional fans to cool the cpu

and i'm recommending all systems get a seperate 40x40x20mm mounted
sideways to cool the 1GB memory chips ( runs too too hot )
	- random machines crashing ... at random points ..

and if there's a choice... to avoid buying any shuttles w/ 2.8 or faster
until that cooling is solved without use tweeking the cooling methodology

while the other 12-30 shuttles w/ p4-2.4 works fine .. and no hot
cpu exhaust air out its back

- the bigger the metal ... the hotter it will become and the harder
  it will be for the itty-bitty fan to cool the block of metal 
  and since it has no fins ... other than silly 0.1" dia heat pipes,
  there is very little thermal conduction/thermal conductivity
	-- a simple finned block on the cpu with the heatpipes
	would work an order of magnitude better ..

	-- wish i had a big gian lathe/mill to cut that block of 
	heatsink apart  but than again its not my PCs :-)

c ya

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