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Re: is exim attempting to relay ???

Kevin Buhr <buhr@telus.net> [2003:08:29:16:23:59-0700] scribed:
> "Michael D. Schleif" <mds@helices.org> writes:
<snip />

> > Then, somehow -- this is the part that I do not understand, and that I
> > want to *STOP* happening -- FETCHMAIL-DAEMON@bragi.private.network
> > attempts to send an email -- containing this 550 error -- to some
> > address unknown to me.  Note: the URL is only one (1) of many
> > _different_ examples I am seeing.
> Keep in mind that there are SMTP envelope MAIL FROM and RCPT TO
> addresses that often get stripped even from the "full" headers of a
> message.  If they do appear, they will appear as "Return-Path" and
> "Envelope-To" respectively.
<snip />

> The "qmail" program on "mail.private.network" was so fed up at having
> its bounce bounce that it mailed the postmaster in frustration.
> Got that?
> You can easily head this off at the pass by passing "fetchmail" the
> "--nobounce" command line option.  With this option, it'll just send
> bounces to the postmaster on "bragi" instead of trying to deliver them
> back to the message sender.

Thank you!  This was the most lucid description that I have read, and I
understand it, and that was the conclusion that I had drawn, but,
couldn't state it quite that clearly.

Thank you, again . . .

Best Regards,

mds resource
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