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Re: Mounting large Windows ME disk?


Thanks for the suggestions.  Some responses: 

 > ..ntfs?  No hardware problem such as fried chips?

-t ntfs doesn't help (and an ntfs filesystem wouldn't mount under ME
anyway).  The drive works fine in the Windows machine (I put it back
after my failure to mount it), so probably not fried chips.

 > ..your box supports disks this big?  I had to update bios for 2 of mine.

I updated to the current BIOS from Dell before trying anything.  The
machine is a Dell Dimension XPS R400, and the BIOS version is A13.
Since fdisk and friends see the correct size (80GB), I don't think the
BIOS is likely to be the problem. 

>  ..dd, split, cat and a cd or dvd toaster and its docs is a viable way in the _ugly_ case.

Like I said, if I can't find a solution in a few days, I will just buy
a new 80GB disk and format it from scratch (they're only about $80
delivered -- much cheaper than a DVD burner, and I'd hate to think of
the hassle of making and transfering 50GB+ on CDs!).

But it sure is frustrating not to be able get it to mount....


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