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Re: left out fat32 partition

"oskar debian lists" <mydebianacount@hotmail.com> writes:

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> One of my vaft32 partition are having surface or other kind of
> trouble that make the debian linux go slow in general execution, i
> modify and erase the respective line in /etc/fstab, but Debian Linux
> still mounting it, i do a: 
> ls /mnt/* -ldh 
> and the partition still there under "sys" owner there is a way to
> leave it out of the system, or i need reinstall my Debian Linux and
> left out that partition since the begining of the installation?

This isn't Windows; reinstalling is very very rarely the best, or even
a good, solution to problems.  :-)  When you mount a partition, there
are two parts to this, the actual partition and the directory that
partition is mounted on (the "mount point").  So even if the partition
isn't mounted, the directory it's normally mounted on is still there.

You can check for sure if something is mounted or not by just running
'mount'.  That will list all of the mouned partitions there; if
nothing is listed on /mnt/sys, then you're set.  The /mnt/sys
directory will probably (though not necessarily) be empty as well.
Also, just editing /etc/fstab won't magically cause a partition to be
unmounted; you need to run 'umount /mnt/sys' or something equivalent
to actually do the unmounting.

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