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Re: Unicode: is it safe to use it ?

Alex Malinovich <demonbane@the-love-shack.net> writes:

On Tue, 2003-08-19 at 12:37, Xavier Maillard wrote:
> >  Hi,
> >  
> >  I had have already a discussion about this on the ding mailing-list
> >  and
> >  there opinions was quite different. So I am asking it again here
> >  just to get the maximum amount of informations before taking a
> >  decision.
> >  
> >  In fact I want(ed) to know whether it is/was safe to use Unicode
> >  (i.e. utf-8) encoding system to communicate on Usenets and so forth
> >  for mails ?
> >  
> >  It seems that 10 years after its creation, Unicode is not as used
> >  as it should be (my opinion) and so, I am not sure many software
> >  (communication software) are "aware" of Unicode stuff. Except
> >  bloated piece of software such as Outlook, is there any risk I can
> >  encounter by using utf-8 in my daily default encoding system ?
> >  
> >  I am pretty sure the majority of the *N*X MUA can easily
> >  handle/deal with it but better have some more opinions on that.
> >  
> >  So what is the deal ? iso-soup or Unicode ? I still have the option
> >  to switch my encoding (automatically) according to where/whom I am
> >  writing but I'd rather not do that and uniformize a little bit to
> >  prevent ugly configuration and accidents ;)
>  Well, as long as you use UTF-8 I don't see there being any
>  problem. Even if someone is using a non Unicode aware client, all of
>  the regular ASCII characters should still show up just fine. And just
>  about every application that I use has support for Unicode and has
>  had it for a while. 99% of all international writing I see online is
>  done in UTF.  (I've never actually read anything in Cyrillic that
>  wasn't written in UTF.) The only real exception is some Asian fonts
>  as, from what I've understood, Unicode adoption has been slow and not
>  always welcome.
>  I have my entire system set up to use UTF whenever possible. The only

Hmm, would you mind expanding on how you did set it globally ? I am
quite interested even though it is not my main problem for instance.

>  problems I have are when using a plain (i.e. not xterm) console, some
>  characters don't display correctly. But for communication with
>  others, I've never had a problem.

That's ok for me. But are M$ MUA and others (i.e. Eudora and things like
that) ready to deal with Unicode yet ? Actually I don't really want not
to be understand by a M$ user (I have dozen friends of mine under the
dark side of the Force ;)).

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