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Bizarre one-way network disconnection

I have a very strange issue with a samba server running Woody. The
server has run just fine for the past 8 months, this just started today.

All of a sudden, the server will reject all network communication on
eth0, won't respond to pings, no ssh, no samba. (ssh gives the message :
No route to host) However, if I ssh in through eth1 I am able to ping
addresses _from_ eth0. If I ifdown eth0 && ifup eth0 everything starts
working again.

The server has two network cards, a 3c590 (eth0) and a bcm5700 (eth1)

eth0 is the main interface and the one that all clients use to connect.
It's on a 10.x.x.x network

eth1 is connected to a mirror server which uses drbd and is on a
192.168.x.x subnet

when eth0 goes unresponsive, I can ping 10.x.x.x addresses just fine,
even ones across our router.

The only strange thing that I noticed is that each time this has
happened, when I do a "ps ax" the process listing pauses midway, and
hangs for a few seconds before displaying the next process (an smbd
process) there is nothing in the syslog, ifconfig doesn't show any
errors on the interface

Does anyone have any ideas? I am completely stumped.


Mark Roach

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