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xterms with invisible fonts...


in the meantime in managed to set up a somehow working X setup, there
are still some glichtes running around...

the xterm still shows white on white an empty screen, but there is a
shell in it... typing blindly and hoping, yields a result: the command respond, 
  even better: a cut&paste works!

the gnome terminals as gnome-terminal work fine, besides the very
annoying, and making them completely useless, fact that they do not support
dead-keys (european languages need iso-latin chars, often generated
    through dead-keys....)

i checked with xterm (typing blindly, calling an xterm, typing some
    dead-key sequences, saving the file and opening the file in a
    gnome-term) there the dead keys work... but on the gnome-term,
    calling vim with isolatin chars yields strange results.... so i
    suppose there is to set somewhere some charset default? but where??

also the fonts of the gnome term doesn't seem to know isolatin
chars? will this be solved by the misterious setting? or do i need
to install special fonts?

couldn't find it in the debian FAQ...


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