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Fwd: IBM Deathstar disks

He asked me to post this to the thread without revealing his email

----- Forwarded message from "Max P. (IT&E)" <xxxx@xxx.xxx> -----

Hi Martin,

Just saw your post at
l. Wasn't sure how to post a response, so I'm emailing you directly. You
might want to share this info with others online, so they don't get
screwed by IBM/Hitachi like we both did !

Your problem, as you correctly suspected IS with IBM/Hitachi drives,
maybe one reason IBM sold its division to Hitachi. 

I have installed over 10 bad IBM drives in the past year, mostly
Deskstar 60 and 75GXP (now they are called DeathStar by people online!),
all dead now, crashing within 15 days to 6 months. In comparison, over
the past 15 years, I installed several hundred drives, and maybe a dozen
died on me during the first year... until I started to buy IBM !

There are COUNTLESS posts online about people experiencing this same
problem, and there is at least one lawsuit pending against IBM. One
forum had over 700 messages (last year) with users having experienced
the exact same problem, and this number has probably grown much higher

I just included a few links, but there are 100's of links out there on
that problem:
- Documented problem about IBM drives:
- Class action lawsuit against IBM for the Deskstar:
- CNET's exceptional removal of Editor's choice on IBM drive:
- User's comments: http://widerlund.ph/deskstar.html

Most of these links relate to the Deskstar 60GXp and 75GXP, but there is
at least one recent online computer review that tested the newer
IBM/Hitachi disks (like 80GB, 120GB and 160GB), and received a similarly
defective disk from the manufacturer! Couldn't find the link though.

Based on some research highlighted in the first link above (I think), it
looks like the whole IBM hard drive technology is flawed, so new disks
are likely to show the same symptons and die prematurely.

Please note also that Hitachi now ships "serviceable used parts" as new
drives to resellers. I mistakenly got a aupposedly new Hitachi drive
yesterday without realizing it was an IBM, and it said used on it
(inside the opaque wrapping, couldn't see from outside). I hope I can
get a refund on that one, since I purchased a supposedly NEW one, or
give the disk to a person I hate. ;-> It looks like they might try to
reship returned disks to other unsuspecting users, so the same bad
drives might be out going back and forth between Hitachi/IBM and the

In short, I suggest you forget about getting replacement drives (they
are going to send you bad ones anyway, as reported by numerous users) so
that you can regain some sanity. My guess is that we both lost our money
for good on these drives, unless we join the lawsuit. 

Finally, please share this information and links as widely as you can
(on your forum?) to help other users before they get into the same

If you need more to be convinced, simply browse the web with keywords
such as "deskstar problem" or "GXP problem" or variants. If you find the
thread with the 700+ users comments, please email me ack the link for
reference purpose. Thanks!

Good luck!


P.S.: You can repost my whole email above as is, but please do not list
my email address. Thanks!

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