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gpg problems

I have a gpg key, and under my old install I could get gpg to work with
mutt.  Now mutt and gpg won't work together.  Apparently gpg can't find my
key, or something like that.  The errors I get every time I try to send a
signed email are:
gpg: [don't know]: invalid packet (ctb=00)
gpg: read_keyblock: read error: invalid packet
gpg: enum_keyblocks failed: invalid keyring
gpg: no default secret key: invalid keyring
gpg: signing failed: invalid keyring

I don't know how to get it work now.  I kept all my dotfiles from my old
install (I was running testing, but now that I'm running a server I'm
running stable-- don't know if that's pertinent or not), so everything
should run the same as before, right?


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