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Re: HTML mail

On Wed, 13 Aug 2003 19:50:14 +0200, Jeff Elkins wrote:

> Most of the spam I receive is HTML format. Is there a fairly painless way of 
> sending anything formatted HTML to my trash folder?  

You could try filtering for phrases like

	Content-type: text/html



I don't know kmail, but every mail client should be able to do that. OTOH
why would you want to reinvent the wheel? Good spam filtering tools exist.

Personally I swear by SpamAssassin. It might be a bit more difficult to
set up at first, but it recognizes 99% of my spam. I also use it to sort
e-mail worms out, by spending extra points on mails which have a Microsoft
format binary program attached. It's a real joy to filter with SA :-)

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