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RE: Lilo Problems

Thanks for the help everyone. I ended up getting the answer from the
LILO developer. His answer is below. The problem stems from the fact
that the version of LILO in stable can't handle the bios booting from a
disk other than the first one, without telling lilo what the bios boot
order is. In my system the first HD according to the bios is /dev/hda
then /dev/hdb and then /dev/sda. The bios re-arranges them for booting
purposes and lilo needs to know the order they are for booting which in
my case is /dev/sda then /dev/hda and then /dev/hdb.

Jefferson Cowart

Original Message
Your installation log indicates a warning about "bios drive 0x82 may not

With lilo installed on /dev/sda (0x82), how do you ever get to the boot 
sector of the SCSI drive.  The bios boots from drive 0x80.

If you have a choice from your BIOS of booting from /dev/hda or
then you should install LILO in the environment in which you will boot; 
namely, with /dev/sda installed as drive 0x80, which it is at boot time.

  disk=/dev/sda  bios=0x80
  disk=/dev/hda  bios=0x8?       # fill in the blank


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