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Re: Lilo Problems

In linux.debian.user, you wrote:
> Sorry I mis-typed the rescue line. My root is /dev/sda3 and I type
> "rescure root=/dev/sda3". Below is my lilo.conf file with comments
> removed. In addition I've included my /etc/fstab file and the output of
> df -h to show my /boot partition is small and at the front of the drive.
> /etc/lilo.conf
> lba32
> boot=/dev/sda
> root=/dev/sda3
> install=/boot/boot-menu.b
> map=/boot/map
> delay=20
> vga=normal
> default=Linux
> image=/vmlinuz
>         label=Linux
>         read-only
> #       restricted
> #       alias=1
<snip /etc/fstab and df results - looked good to me>

I haven't actually seen the answer to your question and am not real sure
what it is.  I looked at the lilo manual and L 01 means that the first stage
boot loader is loaded and there is a Disk error - the drive is not
accessible.  I think that may have to do with a module that is needed to run
the SCSI drive and that module doesn't get loaded in time for LILO.  I don't
know what module that would be, but perhaps you can find out what is needed.
I glanced at the SCSI-2.4 HowTo and Section 4 covers what is needed in the
kernel for SCSI.  I think your answer will be there.  If you don't have this
on your machine, you can get it in the HowTo section at www.tldp.org. 
Basically, I think you just need to recompile your kernel to include
something scsi which is currently compiled as a module. 

I think you can also do this with an initrd image, but I know even less
about that.


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