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Automated message to d-u gateway

[Open message Cc'ed to Marco d'Itri]

I am interested in seeing a short, descriptive, automated post on the
debian-user gateway (and to the debian-user gateway only), and have
posted about this recently to the list.

-> Veering [further] off-topic, I notice that at least one other person
-> has posted a genuine question to the News gateway in the last few days
-> (the person was admirably helped by someone else reading and posting
-> to the gateway).  I guess it is non-obvious to some people grazing
-> Usenet that the gateway is meant to be RO.  I am wondering if a post
-> to the gateway could be automated to go out every week or two just to
-> clarify this to the Usenet denizens (who may have legitimate questions
-> for the list)?
-> It could say something like:
-> This is intended to be a Read-Only gateway to Usenet News of the
-> debian-user mailing-list.  People who wish to post to this list should
-> send an e-mail to debian-user-request@lists.debian.org with a subject
-> of "subscribe", and then post to the list using their mail client.

Paul Johnson said he would be game to do this.


Colin Watson suggested that the third party who is responsible for the 
News-gateway, should be consulted.


Do you Marco, or anyone else, have any suggestions or objections with
regard to automating such a post to the News-gateways for the debian-
user list?

Thank-you Marco, for your packages, your gateways, and your time.  I
appreciate all of those every day.


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