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Re: building an initrd

    "Benedict" == Benedict Verheyen <linux4bene@pandora.be> writes:

    Benedict> Can you specify what goes in initrd? For instance if i
    Benedict> want to add a module and have that loaded before the
    Benedict> file system is mounted? For instance LVM support.

Yes, you can. Look in /etc/mkinitrd/* and the file you want is in
/etc/mkinitrd/modules. Also the /usr/sbin/mkinitrd command is a shell
script so it is pretty easy to figure out what it does.

    Benedict> Also, in case you would need to load several modules,
    Benedict> isn't there a danger the initrd image would become to
    Benedict> big?


I wish I could tell you how to make boot floppies with initrd, but I
don't know. I guess you could Google just like I would ;-)


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