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building an initrd


some time ago i built my first kernel with initrd support.
Now all i know from initrd is that it is first loaded by
the kernel in memory and that i have to specify --initrd
with the make-kpkg command.

Can you specify what goes in initrd? For instance if i want
to add a module and have that loaded before the file system
is mounted? For instance LVM support.

Also, in case you would need to load several modules, isn't 
there a danger the initrd image would become to big?

Is it possible to make boot floppies from a kernel and it's
accompanying initrd?

I know in the case of LVM that it has it's own command to make an
initrd but i would like some info on how to create my own or at 
least really understand what it does :)

Any links or info appreciated


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