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Re: How to clean/align printer cartridges in Debian?

 --- Kent West <westk@acu.edu> escribió: 
> I haven't used a deskjet in years, but recently acquired one for my 
> Debian box. The black ink seems to be a problem, smearing, skipping, etc.
> I seem to remember from back in my Windows days there were some tools in 
> the "Toolbox" to do such things as align the ink cartridges or clean 
> them. Is there such a means in Debian to accomplish this? I'm pretty 
> illiterate when it comes to printing in Debian; I've managed to install 
> cupsys and foomatic-filters-ppds and configure the printer via Moz at 
> "localhost:631", but there's not anything I see there for cleaning the 
> cartridge.

What brand printer is it?  I know someone has written a tool for the Epson
family of printers that will do that, but I am not sure about the others.


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